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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
About Us
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Tim and Debra live happily in the Portland, Oregon neighborhood where they both were raised. Their daughter Caitlin lives nearby, and so does son Angus and the twin grandchildren, Madison and Ashton. Tim has taught school, worked in the restaurant supply industry, coached tennis for Parks & Recreation and developed technical training for a major truck manufacturer. He likes to read, write and play tennis. The family shares a deep love of animals, as does Bentari, the young hero of Tim’s novel.

Tim and Debra conceived The Bentari Project during the writing and promotion of Tim’s novel.

Our Bentari Project Mission:

The Bentari Project aims to break the cruelty cycles. We aim to bring about increasing peace. We want to replace poverty with prosperity. And we seek kindness—in all human hearts and for all human endeavors; kindness for all and for all living things; especially, kindness to animals and for that wondrous web of life we share.

We practice these principles by supporting some very generous programs. We believe these agencies are among the best friends on planet Earth, not only for the people and animals they serve—but for us all.

Bentari Project - Partners 4 Life

We Support These Life Sustaining Partners

The Jane Goodall Institute - Roots and Shoots - Teaching people sustainable lifestyles


Run for Congo Women – Food, medicine and hope for suffering Congolese women


Oregon Humane Society – Sheltering animals and fighting cruelty for over 141 years


The Youth Progress Association - Providing life skills to Portland young people who need them most

Potluck in the Park - Providing food and friendship to anyone in need, Portland, OR

JGI, RFCW, Oregon Humane Society, YPA and the Potluck in the Park organizers and volunteers all show us how community building looks at its highest level. Please visit their websites to learn more about their inspirational work.

Thank you.

Tim & Debra, The Bentari Project
Tim@Bentari.com or Debra@Bentari.com

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